The Department of Health has published important documents concerning appraisal of doctors in training

All doctors in training are required to use this documentation which also supports the General Medical Council (GMC) revalidation process.

Although some trusts and most Colleges provide Portfolios and documentation relating to a specialty for some training grades, these Department of Health documents should be used in conjunction with them. As Dr David Graham, who leads on the NHS appraisal process wrote in the covering letter with this documentation:

"It is important to note that the NHS Appraisal Documentation for Junior Doctors in not intended to replace College processes and documentation, but to incorporate and collate all documentation whether College or Deanery into this agreed framework. We would be most grateful if you would ensure that all doctors in training are aware of the requirements and have a Portfolio."

Information about this documentation has gone electronically to Directors of Medical Education/Clinical Tutors and Programme Directors in the South Western Deanery. All trainees and educational supervisors should be aware of the requirement to use this documentation as part of their Training Portfolio and should begin to use it as soon as possible.