All doctors occupying a Specialist Registrar training post are required to undertake a yearly assessment of their progress (Record of In-Training Assessment).

Each annual assessment is carried out by a small specialty-based panel agreed by Severn Postgraduate Medical Education and local College or Faculty Adviser. It will provide an opportunity for the trainee to provide comments on their training to date, as well as reviewing their progress and identifying specific training needs.

The annual review will confirm the progress of Specialist Registrars through the training programme, followed by a documented recommendation for the following year, ie:

  • that the trainee is ready to progress to the next year of a structured training programme
  • that targeted training or repeat training at the same level is required
  • to provide a final statement of the trainee's completion of the training programme

Successful completion of the full training programme will lead to a recommendation from the Specialist Training Committee that a Certificate of Completion of Training be issued - the CCT.

Repeated failure to progress will lead to withdrawal from the training programme.

Severn Postgraduate Medical Education will work with the Specialty Training Committee to ensure that all Specialist Registrars, including LAT and FTTA appointments are given an assessment.