The HELM Programme 


  • There is frequently a lack of understanding about management, NHS finances and health economics amongst postgraduate medical trainees.  This can carry forward into careers following being appointed as a Consultant, GP, Staff Doctor or Associate Specialist.
  • Similarly there is often a lack of understanding about the role of managers including the pressures and obligations they face – in fact there can be a mistrust, which again may carry on later. This lack of understanding is sometimes mutual and NHS managers often do not fully comprehend or understand the duties, responsibilities and commitments of medical trainees and qualified doctors.

The Aims of the HELM Programme are to

  • Identify and develop aspirational leaders
  • Develop collaborative working to meet organisational goals – encouraging movement away from the ‘them and us’ mentality
  • Create understanding of strategic thinking and project management.
  • Develop  improved knowledge of healthcare economics, changes and the future for the NHS
  • Provide an opportunity for exposure to leadership coaches and strategic NHS and Business leaders

The Programme itself is

  • Efficient and practical
  • Modular – building up to a desired level of accreditation including CPD points to Masters degree level
  • Based around knowledge of:
  • Change management
  • NHS finance
    •  health economics
    •  influencing and strategic thinking
    •  leadership thinking and actions
  • Accredited by Keele University
  • Delivered by Keele, Great Western Hospital, Severn Postgraduate Medical Education, Clinicians and top level NHS Directors and managers
  • Project based
  • Rated highly with excellent feedback - ‘IT OPENED MY EYES TO THE ENVIRONMENT THAT I WORK IN’

The organisation of the programme is:

  • Flexible, practical & project based
  • A 6 day programme that leads to CPD points
  • Extendable to a number of additional levels:


multidisciplinary - designed for Consultants and Postgraduate Medical Trainees but also suitable for all health care professionals.

6 Day Programme

Module 1 Becoming An Effective Leader

Day One – Leadership in context

Day Two – The Effective Leader


Module 2 Managing The Business

Day Three – The NHS In Context

Day Four – Finance And Commissioning NHS Services


Module 3 Innovation & Strategy in Healthcare

Day Five – Creativity And Innovation

Day Six – Project Presentation/Practical Leadership Skills



£495 for all NHS Staff employed within Health Education England, working across the South West Region

£795.00 for anyone employed outside of Health Education England, working across the South West Region

By participating in the HELM programme you have the option to pursue a Postgraduate Certificate in Leadership and Management accredited by Keele University. 

The cost for the certificate is approximately £1850 to be confirmed by Keele University.

This is in addition to the fees outlined above.


For further information and future dates:

Please contact Sharon Goodson Tel: 01793 604165 or Trish Reeves Tel: 01793 604211.