ARCP Accreditation – Module 5

Category: Educational/Clinical Supervisors - ARCP

Date: October 3rd 2019 1:30pm until 4:30pm

Location: First Floor, Park House, 1200 Bristol Parkway North, Newbrick Road, Bristol (Room 2a and b) BS34 8YU

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A half day workshop for Educational Supervisors – Please note this is requirement five of the Educational Supervisors minimum requirements for accreditation and needs to be attended once.


To ensure that Educational Supervisors and ARCP panel members understand the principles, processes and activities required for effective annual reviews of Post Graduate Foundation, Core, and Specialty trainees.


By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

  • Describe the content and importance of the Educational Supervisor’s report in annual assessment activities
  • Describe the roles and activities required of an ARCP review panel
  • Describe the process to be followed, the documents to be used and the decisions to be made in the annual assessment
  • Support trainees through the assessment process
  • Decide which outcome is appropriate based on required competencies
  • Outline how revalidation has been integrated into the ARCP process

To book a place please email Severn Education Team. When emailing please confirm the event title and the date you are interested in attending, along with your GMC/GDC number.