DFSRH Course

Category: Training - Other

Date: March 24th 2016 9:00am until 5:00pm

Location: Cheltenham


For application form & any further information please e-mail:-



pre course requirements for the DFSRH Course of 5: The cost will be £300 


Entry requirements to the FSRH Diploma are detailed in the following link:


The trainee must

1. Hold either:

a. Doctors - both registration and a licence to practise with the UK GMC

b. Nurses – registration with UK NMC (excluding RN Level 2)

2. Have passed the eKA in SRH (online assessment of knowledge) within 2 years of the start of the Course of 5.


3. Have been registered with the FSRH Diploma e portfolio (cost currently £50).

Please note it may take 5-10 days for the FSRH to process the application for this.


4. Be able to demonstrate appropriate consultation skills for sexual health consultations.

Trainees will need to be signed off as competent in these on their DFSRH e-portfolio.

5. Be up to date with resuscitation and anaphylaxis training.


6. Be able to demonstrate the following gynaecological skills

a) Doctors

Perform a genital examination, to include speculum examination, digital vaginal examination and bimanual pelvic examination.

Trainees will need to be signed off as competent in these on their DFSRH e-portfolio.

b) Nurses

Perform a speculum examination. This may be demonstrated either by

  • · Holding a current RCN IUT accreditation or RCN Genital Examination in Women Competencies
  • · Or be signed off by a consultant, Faculty Registered Trainer or GP.

Please note that: 

We will require evidence of:

- a pass in the eKA,

- signed off pre course requirements (consultation skills and gynaecological examination skills),

-up to date resuscitation and anaphylaxis training,

 at least 2 weeks prior to the course.

The following guidelines provide information on what to expect when attending a Course of 5 (C5), along with a checklist of what should be completed prior to attendance: