Gastroenterology Training Day

Category: Training - Training Days/Workshops

Date: July 16th 2013

Location: Mount Somerset Hotel, Lower Henlade, Somerset TA3 5NB

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UGI bleeding

Dr Andrew Bell, Weston

10.00               Registration and Coffee


1030                Welcome                                

Dr Andrew Bell, Consultant Gastroenterologist, Weston-Super-Mare


1040                Variceal Bleeding: Risk of haemorrhage; Management of Acute bleeding; and secondary prophylaxis

                        Dr David Parker, Consultant Gastroenterologist, Weston-Super-Mare


1120                GI Bleeding: The haematology perspective

                        Dr Phil Robson, Consultant Haematologist, Weston-Super-Mare


1155                Tea


1210                GI Bleeding: The cardiology perspective

                        Dr John Edmond, Consultant Cardiologist, Weston-Super-Mare


1245                Questions to panel (DRP/PR/JE)

                        Chair: Dr Bell


1255                Lunch


1355                Investigational/ Interventional radiology in UGI bleeding

                        Dr Tim Ward, Consultant Radiologist, Taunton


1435                Endoscopy Unit Management

                        Dr Alex DiMambro Consultant Gastroenterologist Weston-Super-Mare


1515                Ulcer Bleeding

Dr Andrew Bell, Consultant Gastroenterologist, Weston-Super-Mare


1555                Quiz: Self-assessment on the day’s learning

                        Dr Andrew Bell, Consultant Gastroenterologist, Weston-Super-Mare


1615                Feedback and closing remarks



1620                Close