ST6-ST8 Community Child Health Training Day

Category: Training - Other

Date: October 10th 2018 10:30am until October 16th 2018 4:30pm

Location: OP/PT Room Ground Floor, Eastgate House, Unit 9, Eastgate Office Centre, Eastgate Rd, Eastville, Bristol, BS5 6XX BS5 6XX

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ST6-ST8 Community Child Health training days

Wednesday 10th October 2018, Bristol

Location: Eastgate House, Unit 9 Office Centre Rd, Eastville, Bristol, BS5 6XX, (OT/PT Room Ground Floor)



10.30am-11.30am           Prescribing in ADHD: Caz Webster, Neurodevelopmental Specialist Nurse

11.30am-12.30pm           CCH Grid Training and the new Progress curriculum: Dr Emma Bradley, Consultant Community Paediatrician and CCH CSAC Training Advisor

12.30pm-1.15pm             Introduction to STAR clinic: Dr Emma Bradley, Consultant Community Paediatrician

1.15pm-2.15pm               Lunch break

2.15pm-3.15pm               ADHD: Experiences as a patient and a parent:  Tay Lane

3.30pm-4pm                    Critical appraisal: Dr Susan Green ST7

4pm-4.30pm                    Trainee Meeting


Although this training is aimed at the CCH grid trainees, it is also open to anyone currently working in community paediatrics or those thinking about applying for CCH Grid


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