Academic Clinical Fellow in Paediatrics

Academic Clinical Fellows/Lecturers 1

Job Description

Job Description - Platform Science (“-omics”) and Bioinformatics themed post in Paediatrics

1. Job title & entry level(s): 

Academic Clinical Fellow in Paediatrics – themed post in Platform Science (“-omics”) and Bioinformatics 

2. Duration of post:

3 years

3. Hospitals in which training will take place

Bristol Children’s Hospital; St Michael’s Hospital, Bristol

4. Research institutions in which training will take place:

University of Bristol

5. Timetabling of clinical and research time:

75% clinical 25% research in a flexible way during the working week or months in accordance with pre-agreed arrangements between the clinical and academic supervisors.

6. Description of research component of programme

Bristol Renal is one of the world’s largest renal research groups, with laboratory and population based programmes of work, and over 40 research staff located in the Dorothy Hodgkin Building, close to Bristol Children’s Hospital.
This programme integrates our discovery science strengths to interrogate renal patient populations (biosamples and clinical data) for mechanistic disease insights, biomarker development and genetic stratification, leading to a personalised medicine outcome. This will provide training in genetic bioinformatics, immunophenotyping, personalised transcriptomics and stratified biomarker development.
Current platform biology projects include: Genotype-phenotype correlations and risk variant analysis in idiopathic nephrotic syndrome; Genetic bases of cystinuria; Transcriptomics and cytokine profile immunophenotyping of nephrotic syndromes; Transcriptomic and proteomic analysis of Diabetic Kidney Cell lines; in vitro podocyte and renal biopsy based biomarker development.
Our recently awarded MRC Stratified Medicine award will lead to world leading cohorts of patients with Nephrotic Syndrome and with Chronic Kidney Disease, including in depth biological phenotyping and development and application of new methodologies to discover new mechanistic disease signatures and characterisation.
The ACF will explore these research areas, contribute to various projects and develop a research network over the first year, receiving training and generating research outputs. From the second year they will define a particular area to collect preliminary data and prepare a PhD fellowship application based on our bioscience platforms and bioinformatics. They will be well supported by 2 academic supervisors, regular review meetings and the academic ARCP process.

Other areas within Academic Paediatrics in Bristol that would support a platform science project include Neonatology (Professor Karen Luyt).

7. Description of clinical training component of programme

A paediatric trainee in renal medicine would be part of the Children’s Renal Unit at Bristol Children’s Hospital. The medical team comprises 6 consultants providing a comprehensive local and tertiary service to the region. This is the largest training centre in the South West and one of 8 national grid training centres for paediatric nephrology. 
As a junior trainee the ACF will be well supported including through the ARCP process in learning clinical skills and acquiring the knowledge required to become an excellent registrar-level clinician. If the trainee was keen on pursuing an neonatal platform science project they would be integrated into neonatal academic training with full academic support.

8. Academic Supervisor / Academic Programme Director:

Professor Moin Saleem
Professor Richard Coward
Dr Karen Luyt

9. Clinical Training Programme Director:

Dr Russell Peek

10. Severn PGME contact for further information:

11. Useful websites for further information: