Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

National Recruitment ST3

Applicant Guide

The Selection Process

Health Education South West (Severn) co-ordinates the national selection process for OMFS at ST3.

All the interviews will be hosted at a single centre in Bristol for posts across England, Scotland and Wales.  The posts will commence from February 2020 onwards.

When applying you will not need to select particular posts, regions, rotations, etc.; just complete and submit the application.  You will have the opportunity to rank of all the posts available nationally at a later stage in the selection process.

Below are all the details you need to know when submitting an application for specialty training.  Please read the whole guide before starting your application, paying particular attention to the additional evidence section.

Details of the posts and training locations available can be viewed under the job description tab.


Recruitment Timetable

Please see the recruitment timetable for key dates in the selection process.  The timetable can be viewed under the resources section on the national OMFS website.

Link:   Key Dates



When submitting an application you will need to make sure that you meet all the eligibility criteria by the application closing date (or date of appointment if specifically stated). Eligibility requirements are those requirements listed as “Essential” in the person specification.

In order to assess if you have the required competences you will need to refer to the 2019 person specification. Further details about eligibility can also be found in the HEE Applicant Guide.  A link to the specification and the HEE guidance are below.

Link:   ST3 Person Specification

Link:   HEE Applicant Guide 


Applying Online through the Oriel Recruitment System

All specialty training applications for 2019 will be managed through a national on-line application system called “Oriel”.

You will need to create an account (account registration), if you have not previously applied, before you can apply to a vacancy. After registration, you will be able to apply and track the progress of your application.

Account registration is available from the home page of Oriel.  An applicant user guide that will assist you in using the system at each stage of the recruitment process is available from the link below.

Our primary method of communication during the recruitment process we will be to message candidates via Oriel and the messages will appear on your applicant dashboard.  We will also send emails to the address stated in your application form, however, delivery of emails cannot be guaranteed as they are being sent external to Oriel and should not be relied upon.  At key points in the selection process we will also send a text message

To access Oriel to register and apply, please visit: https://www.oriel.nhs.uk/

Link:   Oriel Applicant User Guide


Completing an Application

Applications open at 10:00 am on the 31st July 2019 and can be completed and submitted from this date.

The specialty of Oral and Maxillo-facial Surgery can be selected from the vacancy list within Oriel.  The vacancy contains information which will assist you with your application.

To access the application form select the “apply here” button within the vacancy.

Please complete the application fully as incomplete applications will not be accepted.  There are no white space questions within the application form and page 7 is intentionally blank.

When completing your application we recommend that you do not opt out of receiving text messages as we will send a text message at key stages in the recruitment process.


Additional Evidence

You may also need to complete and submit additional evidence as part of your application form.  Please refer to sections 1 – 5 below to check if you need to submit additional evidence at time of application.

1. Evidence of Achievement of Core Surgical Competence or Equivalent

For entry to ST3 specialty training applicants are required to provide evidence of achievement of core surgical competences in line with GMC standards/Good Medical Practice.

This evidence can be provided in one of three ways depending on your previous experience.

  • Completed core training:  core surgical competence can be demonstrated by an ARCP outcome 6 at CT2.
  • Currently undertaking core training:  If you are currently undertaking a core surgical training programme you will need to provide written confirmation from the relevant core training programme that you are on track to achieve CT2 core competences by the start date of the post.
  • Undertaken alternative training: core surgical competence can be demonstrated by completing an equivalence form. A link to the form and guidance can be accessed on the national recruitment website and from the link below.

Link:   Achievement of Core Surgical Competence

Demonstration of core surgical competence is essential to the progression of your application and should be uploaded as part of your on-line application form prior to the closing date of applications.


2. Special Circumstances

A national process is being introduced to assist applicants who need to remain in a specific region for well-founded personal reasons to apply for consideration of these, allowing them to be offered a particular region, should they be successful at interview.

Who is eligible?  Applicants with either a personal medical condition or disability that requires them to remain in a particular region for ongoing care and treatment or applicants who have primary caring responsibilities for someone with a disability. 

Eligibility will be considered at the time of application and therefore applicants must ensure that they declare this on their application form and submit supporting evidence by email.  Applicants should complete the special circumstances application form and forward this together with supporting evidence to mdrs.nationalrecruitment@hee.nhs.uk as soon as the application is submitted.

For further information and to access the forms please see the link below

Link:   Special Circumstances


3. Re-application to Specialty Training in OMFS

This only applies to applicants reapplying for specialty training in OMFS that have previously resigned or been removed from training. 

Applicants reapplying will need the support of their previous Head of School/Training Programme Director and Postgraduate Dean in order to reapply.

Applicants must ask their previous LETB/Deanery, Head of School/Training Programme Director and Postgraduate Dean to complete a “Support for Reapplication to a Specialty Training Programme Form”. This form is available to download from the link below and is also available within Oriel.

Applicants requiring this support are advised to start the process early as applications will not be considered without a fully completed and signed form.

The completed form should be emailed to Confidential.SW@hee.nhs.uk before the closing date of applications.

Link:  Reapplication to Specialty Training Form


4. Re-application to Switch Deanery/LETB

Trainees currently working in the specialty, applying to continue their training in another region, without a break in service will be required to submit a Support for Reapplication to Specialty Training in a Different Region form.  This form is available to download from the link below and within Oriel.

The completed form should be emailed to Confidential.SW@hee.nhs.uk before the closing date of applications.

Link:  Reapplication to Specialty Training in a Different Region Form


5. Fitness to Practise

Applicants with fitness to practise declarations will need to submit additional documentation clearly defining the declaration, including dates and outcome to Confidential.SW@hee.nhs.uk at time of application.


Submitting an Application

Applications can be submitted until 4:00 pm (UK time) on the 15th of August 2019.  Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Only one application can be accepted and where multiple applications are submitted, only the first application submitted will be included in the process.

If you fail to provide the appropriate documentation your application will be longlisted out.

Note:  Alterations cannot be made to an application once it has been submitted.

Tip:  Remember to save and check your application and only press the submit button when you have carried out this process. This will ensure you are submitting the correct version of your application.



All applications will be checked for evidence of the essential criteria outlined in the person specification. Applications that do not demonstrate the criteria or fail to include additional evidence will not continue through the process.   Applicants will be notified if their application does not meet the essential criteria and has not been progressed to the next stage.  



There will be no shortlisting within the OMFS selection process for 2019. Candidates will be required to achieve a minimum score in the multi-specialty recruitment assessment to progress to interview.


Invitation to Selection Centre

Applicants will be notified of an invitation to interview via a message through Oriel and also a text message on the 27th of August 2019.  Interview slots will be available to book through Oriel and are booked on a first come first served basis.

Tip: Book an interview slot early to maximise choice.

Candidates attending the interviews will be asked to bring a paper portfolio of evidence.

Tip: We recommend you prepare your documentation as soon as possible.


The Selection Centre

The interview panel’s main aim is to find out how well you match the requirements of the person specification for the post for which you are applying, and to ensure that the best candidates are selected in this highly competitive process.

The interviews will be held at Park House, 1200 Parkway, Newbrick Road, Bristol, BS34 8YU on the 9th of September 2019.

The process for each candidate from registration onwards may take up to 2 ½ hours. Further details will be published on the national recruitment website as the selection process continues.



As part of the national application process candidates will be asked to provide the names of three referees.  References will only be requested once applicants have accepted the offer of a training post.  The purpose of the reference is to confirm employment history and to highlight any concerns.

If no offer is made, or an offer is not accepted, referees will not be contacted.

Note: References will not be required at the interview.


Training Posts and Locations

Each LETB/Deanery has submitted the number of vacancies with a brief outline of the programme.  This information can be found on the national recruitment website under the heading of Job Description.  Also contained within this information is a local contact and a link to more detailed information.    The vacancies are correct at point of advertisement but may be subject to change. All alterations to the vacancies will be published on the national recruitment website.


Expressing a preference - ‘where do you want to train?’

Candidates will be asked to rank the training locations in order of preference.  This process will be carried out within Oriel.  An automated message, containing instructions, will be sent to candidates on the 5th of September 2019.  The opportunity to select/amend preferences will be available until the 12th of September 2019 at 10.00 am and after this point no alterations can be made.

Following the closing of preferences a matching process will take place and successful candidates will receive their highest ranked preference available.  Candidates whose preferences have been exhausted before their name is reached will not receive an offer and will be notified of this.

Candidates that are deemed not to have demonstrated suitability for training within this specialty will not be included within the matching.

Further details of the offer process is available within the HEE Applicant Guide under the heading of 'Training Offers'.



Candidates will be given feedback following the completion of the offer process.


Questions still remaining

If after reading this guide your question is not answered you can contact the national recruiter for questions regarding the recruitment process.

For questions regarding vacancy numbers and rotation details please contact the relevant Deanery/LETB.  The contact details are available in the Job Description section on the national recruitment website.