Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

National Recruitment ST3

Interview Guidance


The training locations will be available for you to select from the 5th of September 2019. An email will be sent notifying you that they are available.  You can access this information under “My Applications” on your applicant dashboard within Oriel (where you submitted your application).  The list of training centres will be available to preference until 10:00 am on the 12 September 2019.  Please ensure that you make your selection by this deadline as offers will be matched to candidate preferences.


Date of Interviews

The interviews will be held on the 9th of September 2019.  The interviews will be held at the Health Education England offices in Bristol.



Health Education England, Park House (1st Floor), 1200 Parkway, Newbrick Road, Bristol, BS34 8YU

Link for directions to: Interview Venue 


Travel – Getting to the venue

Transportation links to Venue:-

  • Railway station - Bristol Parkway - Ten/fifteen minute walk from the back of the station to the venue
  • Airport – Bristol International – direct bus (Bristol Flyer) from the airport to Bristol Temple Meads railway station.  A train can be taken from Temple Meads Station to Parkway Station.
  • Coach – Bristol Bus Station

Arriving by car:-

There is no visitor parking on site.

Parking is available at the Stoke Gifford Park & Ride on Hunts Ground Road, BS34 8XX.  The car park is £4.40 per day which is only payable via the “paybyphone” app, by calling

0330 4007275 or by booking online at www.paybyphone.co.uk.  The parking location ID is 8485. Our venue is a five minute walk from the car park – please click for the walking route


Preparing for your interview

You will be required to bring the following to your interview:

  • A4 sheet of notes for a 5 minute presentation
  • A paper version of your portfolio
  • Documentation for identity and eligibility checks – Including copies of each document


Paper Portfolio

Please bring a paper version of your portfolio containing the information below.  Please file the information under the headings and in the order listed.

Please make an index and mark the sections clearly.

List of Contents for your paper portfolio

Please ensure there is no patient identifiable documentation included within the portfolio of evidence.


  • Curriculum Vitae (at front of portfolio)
  • Qualifications (with certificates)
  • Proof of Prizes, awards and other cited achievements
  • Other Qualifications & Non-clinical achievements

Training & Experience

  • List of training posts (dates, places, specialty and grade) in reverse order i.e. beginning with most recent post
  • Details of any elective posts
  • List of courses attended with certificates of attendance
  • Completed work based assessments for your training and current clinical and educational supervisor reports or equivalent
  • Multi-source feedback and 360 appraisal
  • Annual Review of Competence Progression Outcome Forms (ARCP) for all years of training or equivalent
  • Validated cumulative Surgical log book – see further details below

Audit, Research Teaching

  • List of publications (papers/abstracts) with a copy of first page for each
  • List of presentations and copies of presentation hand-outs
  • List of audit projects
  • Teaching experience - evidence of teaching or qualification and feedback forms
  • Reflective writing related to your clinical practice

You have been asked to include, within your portfolio, a validated log-book and to assist with this we have listed some guidance below: 

1 - Electronic Logbook - If you print from an electronic logbook that has been validated by a trainer electronically and it states “validated operation” or equivalent this does not require a further signature for verification. 

2 - Non Electronic Logbook – For this logbook to be validated it will need to be signed by a 

The logbook should not include hospital numbers as this can be considered as patient identifiable information.


Audit Presentation

  • Presentation Topic: An audit project that you have carried out

As part of the interview you will be asked to give a 5 minute presentation of an audit project that you have carried out.

To assist with this presentation, you will be allowed one single sided A4 Sheet. This sheet will be for your information only and will not viewed or scored by the panel.  Please prepare this sheet before the interviews and bring with you on the day.  This will be the only presentation aid available.


Verification of your Identity & Eligibility

We are required to carry out checks to verify your identity and eligibility to apply for this post.  The checks do NOT form part of the structured interview process. 

Please provide the original and also BRING A COPY of the evidence listed below.

Proof of Identification:

  • Passport – including a copy of the front & inside cover and the signature /photograph page are required

Evidence of Eligibility

  • Postgraduate qualification certificates 



As part of the national application process candidates have been asked to provide the names of three referees.  References will only be requested if you are offered and accept a training post.  The purpose of the references is to confirm employment history and to highlight concerns.  You will be able to change update your referees until the point of offer.

If no offer is made or the offer is declined referees will not be contacted. 

Note: References will not be required at the interview.


Arriving at the interviews

The time-slot that you have booked encompasses the whole process and is your arrival time at the venue NOT your interview start time.

On arrival at Park House please report to the reception on the 1st floor and you will be directed to the waiting area. 



Stage 1

On arrival at the interviews you will be asked to register and your identity will be verified.  The copies of your passport will be retained and the original will be returned to you.  You will be given a name badge.

Your paper portfolio will be collected so that it can be taken to the portfolio review station.  Please refer to the list of contents for the portfolio and follow the instructions carefully as failure to do so may result in a reduced score.

Stage 2

Prior to the face to face interviews you will be given a period of 40 minutes to prepare for the interviews ahead.  The preparation will include a number of scenarios to read and a published paper to review.

Prior to your interview commencing your paper portfolio will be examined by two panel members for 20 minutes and will be assessed and scored against defined criteria.

Stage 3

The interview, itself has six individual panels and all candidates will progress through all panels but this may not be in the same order as listed below.

Each interview panel will be 10 minutes in length and there will be two interviewers in each who will both ask questions and mark.  There may also be an observer who does not mark.

Panel A

  • Specialty Interview

The panel members within this station will have reviewed your portfolio for 20 minutes before the interview.  You may be asked about your portfolio if any clarification is required.

The interview will cover your training in OMFS and clinical experience.

Panel B

  • Communication & Clinical

This panel will involve role-play with an Actor.  You will have been given a patient history to read (clinical scenario) as part of the preparation. 

Panel C

  • Research

You will have been given a published paper to read and review during the preparation session.  You will be asked questions about the article and the panellists will have positive and negative indicators to listen out for in your answer.

Panel D

  • Audit

As part of the interview you will be asked to give a 5 minute presentation of an audit project that you have carried out.

After the presentation, the selectors will ask you questions about your audit project and other relevant questions. 

Panel E

  • Clinical Knowledge

You will be have been given a clinical scenario to read within the preparation session.  During the interview the panel will ask you questions related to the scenario. 

Panel F

  • Technical Skill

You will be given instructions and asked to carry out a technical skill.


Decline an interview slot

If you wish to decline an interview there is a facility to withdraw on-line through Oriel.  We also request candidates email: SEVRecruitment.SW@hee.nhs.uk or telephone 01454 252610.


Claiming Expenses

Travel expenses will be re-imbursed in line with the guidance below.  Please refer to the guidance before making any travel or accommodation arrangements.  Full details are available on the Deanery website.


Contact Us

If you need to contact the recruitment team before the interviews, please email or telephone.

Email:  SEVRecruitment.SW@hee.nhs.uk

Telephone: 01454 252610 (between 8.00 am and 4.00 pm)


 Checklist of actions prior to interviews:

  • Book an interview slot
  • Prepare documents for identity and eligibility checks including copies
  • Prepare a portfolio of evidence - Please refer to list of contents
  • Prepare presentation aid for the audit presentation
  • Have contact details of the Deanery stored in mobile phone