The information contained within these pages is of relevance to both undergraduate medical students and those moving through the Foundation Years on to specialist training.

It is never too early to start planning your career and by taking a proactive approach to career planning you will be in a better position to make suitable and informed career decisions.

These webpages are intended as a tool to help you take control of your own career and will provide information and resources that will help you explore career opportunities whilst also signposting you to additional sources of career information, advice and guidance.

The following are direct quotes from some of the clients we have helped in the last 12 months;

“ Thanks for all your help over the last couple of years, you've been a great support” CT3 

“ They had real patience and compassion and spent time talking to me about my fears and concerns. They addressed all of these and gave me the confidence to proceed" ST3 

" Thank you so much for all your help over the last few years, helping me to keep focussed and to put together a really good application. It's all paid off and I couldn't be happier. I'll keep in touch!” F2 

“ Very helpful, friendly and approachable" ST8 

“ Wonderful service, ample time and felt really comfortable discussing everything. Thank you” Year 4 Medical Student 

It was impartial advice which wasn't biased towards any particular career path. It was a confidential, comfortable environment which let me discuss all my worries. I was encouraged to think about my other options and wasn't pressured to make any decisionsYear 3 Medical Student 


Career planning is the process of making and implementing career decisions. Ideally you should start the process in medical school well before your final year.

To help you with this process Postgraduate Medical Education have developed a career planning service. The team provide a range of services to enable medical students and doctors to proactively plan their careers. During your time with us you can access information, advice and guidance in the following ways: 

  • 1:1 confidential career guidance meetings
  • Careers events that focus on specific specialties
  • Career planning workshops
  • Mock interview sessions
  • E-advice
  • Careers information via this website

Where possible the services mentioned above are delivered where you are working or studying.

Our service is impartial, confidential and individually geared to meet your needs in a flexible way.

1:1 Career Guidance Meetings

Career guidance is the process that enables you to make a well informed realistic decision about your future career.

You are welcome to discuss anything that relates to your medical career planning, this can also include career change.

To request a meeting contact the Career Planning team.  

Career Planning Workshops

Timetabled career planning workshops aimed at Foundation doctors and medical students.

We also offer application form and interview technique workshops at all levels of study and training.

Mock Interview

We can offer you the opportunity to have a confidential mock interview with immediate feedback.  


Email your enquiry to the careers team.