Each year, information is made available regarding the estimated number of applicants, number of posts available in specialty training and the general outlook at each stage of specialty training.

This information is available via the HEE Specialty Training website.   

Before researching into specialty training competition ratios, ensure you:

  • Give yourself some uninterrupted time to look at the information and interpret it correctly
  • Read the summary before looking at the detailed tables. This may provide reassurance or may indicate that a Plan B is needed.

It would not be wise to make your decision based solely on the information in the competition ratios tables.

Application Processes:

All specialty recruitment information, which includes GP recruitment, is held on the HEE specialty training website. This includes recruitment timelines, how to apply through the Oriel portal and as this is the official HEE recruitment site, is regularly updated. The applicant guidance is a “must read” before attempting to submit an application.