The following is a list of websites covering a wide range of organisations connected with medicine, it's not exhaustive, so if you come across other websites which you feel should be included we'd be delighted to hear from you. 

NHS Jobs and Training

NHS Jobs – all job vacancies within the NHS

HEE Speciality Training – all specialty training vacancies and recruitment processes

GP Recruitment – all information about GP training places, the recruitment process and interviews



Royal Colleges


Options as a Staff and Associate Specialist (SAS) Doctor

NHS Health Careers 

BMA News and opinion

AoMRC - SAS - A viable career choice (pdf file)

HEE Supporting SAS Doctors

RCP - SAS as viable careers

RCP - SAS doctors as educators

RCP - SAS doctors as researchers

RCP - SAS doctors as leaders


Working Outside the UK 

International Health Exchange/RedR

Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF)

Voluntary Services Overseas


Special Interest Groups  

Association of the Study of Medical Education 

Junior Association of the Study of Medical Education

Association of Medical Research Charities

Medical Women's Federation 


Other Websites for Careers Information  

BMJ Careers (British Medical Journal) - Useful articles covering a range of topics

Foundation Programme

Surgical Careers

Health Careers – the NHS dedicated careers website, with a wide range of information about careers which involve direct and indirect health care

BMA - have some careers resources for members


Alternatives to Medicine 

Prospects - The UK’s official graduate careers website, a good generic resource

Target Jobs- Jobs and careers advice relating to medicine and other occupations

Medic Footprints – set up by doctors for doctors, to explore alternative and diverse careers