UPDATE 2: Educational Supervisor Training during Covid-19 pandemic


Dear Supervisors and Prospective Supervisors,


Educational Supervisor training modules 1-5

As the COVID-19 pandemic looks set to continue we are currently unable to return to any face-to-face teaching or training.

However over the last few months we have been able to establish some virtual teaching sessions, including the Educational Supervisor Training Modules  1-5 (as a one-day format), and Educational CPD workshops.

Educational Supervisor Training Modules 1-5 will continue with the one-day webinar format until face-to-face teaching can be re-established. This will be delivered centrally by the Deanery alongside locally delivered teaching from DMEs and their Educational Faculties within their own Trusts allowing increased flexibility and accessibility to this training.


In March 2020 when all training was cancelled, we suggested a period of grace of one year for all prospective supervisors who were unable to undertake the training.

We would now like to remind and encourage colleagues who are acting as supervisors and who have not had the training to do so now that opportunities exist to undertake the training virtually.

For further information please contact Faculty Development on facultydevelopment.sw@hee.nhs.uk  


Educational Supervisor CPD training/events to maintain Educational Supervisor accreditation.

All face-to-face Educational Supervisor CPD training remains cancelled, but this has been replaced with virtual workshops enabling Educational and Clinical Supervisors to achieve their required CPD over the current 5-year period. All workshop events are advertised on the Deanery website and sent out to all Educational and Clinical Supervisors.


For any queries please contact Jane Thurlow (Severn) or Sarah Huline-Dickens (Peninsula), Associate Deans for Education and Faculty Development.