Educational and Clinical Supervisors Training and Accreditation Record


From a governance perspective, we have devolved the input of data and decision around whether a trainer has completed the required training for CS and ES accreditation to the Postgraduate Medical Centre and Director of Medical Education. We will accept what the PGMC/DME input into the database. Any queries from the PGMC/DME as to whether a course or training is suitable and meets the standard for GMC recognition can be enquired through the Deanery Faculty teams.  The Quality/Faculty teams will audit this data input on a regular basis for assurance purposes.


The GMC describes our roles as:

•         Trust quality controls

(PGMC reviews training and decides if satisfactory. Input data in local database)

•         HEE quality manages

(HEE works with Trust/LEP with regular updates of central database from Trust database, by regular audit of data,  by visits, quality panels, review of survey data etc)

•         GMC quality assures

(GMC oversee both Trusts and HEE) 


 Educational and Clinical Supervision Accreditation Pathway


ES/CS training

CS: modules 1-4  Severn,  modules 1-3 Peninsula plus suggested coaching CPD

ES: modules 1-7 Severn, modules 1-5 Peninsula

As ES or CS training is in progress and ultimately completed – DME (MEM) to add into local database with courses as attended and dated.  Accreditation date as from last course attended. (is this added by MEM or automatically calculated and added from formula on database?)

CPD for CS and ES

ES 2.5 days over 5 years

CS 1.5 days over 5 years

Information of courses as attended - DME (MEM) to add into local database

Of note; if a supervisor has done NO CPD activity for 5 years since accreditation – they will need to re-do full CS or ES training to enable re-accreditation. 

CPD – can be as recognised ES numbered courses or title of course with date.

Information of other activities that can contribute to CPD can be found on the website 

 Educational and Clinical Supervision Training and Accreditation ROADMAP2