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enhance: South West 

Welcome to the South West enhance: Generalist skills programme

The South West is piloting a new programme of teaching to enhance generalist skills for early career doctors. This is part of the national HEE Enhance programme.
The Covid-19 pandemic required healthcare professionals to respond to change on a systematic level and to work, learn and communicate across traditional boundaries. The initial rapid changes have led to a focus on more long-term population needs, for which healthcare professionals must both acquire new and enhance existing generalist skills as an integral part of their professional development.
Our vision in the South West is to champion a person-centred, 'team around the person' approach, by working across different disciplines to promote collaboration through compassionate and empathetic leadership.


Watch this introduction video to learn more about the enhance programme.


Or you can Find out more about the programme and download our handbook here.


Our educational development offer:

Gloucestershire Homelessness Trailblazer Project:

The Gloucestershire based Trailblazer project will focus on the support and complex care needs of local vulnerable populations, specifically for people experiencing homelessness, developing training that enhances a multi-professional ‘Team around the Person’ approach in the hospital environment and beyond.  

By enhancing generalist skills across six domains: system working, multi morbidity, person centred practice, social justice, public health and environmental sustainability, it will improve joined-up care, health outcomes and patient experience.  The programme will create greater shared opportunities to ensure patient holistic needs are met and ongoing care is established for our most vulnerable communities. 



If you are interested in taking part, we are inviting expressions of interest for healthcare staff across the Southwest to take part in this exciting year long trailblazer project of professional development, which is part of a national programme to enhance generalist skills.

We particularly invite Doctors, Nurses and Allied Health professionals (AHPs), especially Paramedics and Pharmacists who are interested in developing the 'team around the person' approach for patients experiencing vulnerabilities, with a focus on homelessness.    

This is a unique opportunity for you to help redesign national training provided to doctors and other health care professionals across the NHS.


Expressions of interest should be sent to   Closing date for applications is 25th September 2022.

Introductory Letter

Expression of Interest form


North Devon: Rural, Remote and Coastal Health

more information to follow


Contact Details:

Dr Sean Elyan, Clinical Lead (Gloucestershire Homelessness trailblazer project)
Dr Oliver Dodd, Clinical Lead (North Devon: Rural, Remote and Coastal Health)
Lynn White, Programme Lead
Administration at Gloucestershire Homelessness trailblazer project: