Severn Postgraduate Medical Education is committed to the personal and professional development of you as a trainee. Furthermore, we are committed to providing high quality support when needed in order to help you achieve your full potential.

Pursuing a career as a health professional is demanding and it is not uncommon to experience personal or professional challenges which can impact directly or indirectly upon work or training and for which one may require additional support. Such issues can include personal health, confidence, exam failure, relationship with colleagues, family concerns and career uncertainty to name a few.

In all cases, Professional Support and Well-Being (PSW) will work in a supportive and professional manner in order to ensure you have been provided with every opportunity and resource necessary to thrive and achieve your goals. 

Who to contact

If you feel you require additional support or are facing new challenges, it is important that you speak to someone so that you can receive support:

Self-referral to Severn PGME Professional Support and Well-Being Team can be completed by filling in our self-referral form and emailing to

If you would like a general discussion regarding your situation you can contact

Asking for help is the most responsible thing you can do to ensure your support and well-being and is strongly encouraged.

A Foundation Trainee who accessed Professional Support and Well-Being Team had this to say about the service:

"I was referred to the Professional Support Unit (now PSW) after finding myself in difficulty managing at work. I went to my appointment not knowing what help the team could provide. It was really helpful to be able to speak to somebody outside of the work environment and to help me start processing what I was actually finding difficult. Additional suggestions for extra support were made and put in place, which helped me through an exceptionally difficult period in my career. Without additional support I think I would have certainly left medicine. The help and support they provide is invaluable to trainees in difficulty."

- Anonymous - Foundation Trainee

If you would like to add a testimonial, please email