• Chair: Associate Postgraduate Dean/Director of Foundation School
  • Chair of Directors of Medical Education/Clinical Tutors
  • Foundation Programme Directors (up to two per Trust)
  • Partnership/Mental Health Trust Representative
  • Trust Management Representative (Medical Director or designate)
  • Postgraduate Centre Manager Representative (to rotate between Trusts every two years)
  • Medical Personnel Specialist Representative (to rotate between Trusts every two years)
  • Primary Care Representative
  • Bristol Medical School Representative (Clinical Dean/Director of Medical Education)
  • Student Representative(s)
  • Foundation Programme Trainee Representative(s)
  • In Attendance: Foundation Programme¬† Manager (Committee Secretary)

Terms of Reference

  • To facilitate the University/Severn PGME/National Health Service interaction required during the Foundation Programme
  • To facilitate exchange of information relating to the Foundation Programme
  • To ratify and monitor the educational design, content and delivery of Foundation Programmes
  • To ratify and monitor the procedures involved in the application process for Foundation Programmes
  • To oversee the quality of the teaching and learning experience, and the assessment of Foundation Programme trainees
  • To action directives from General Medical Council relating to the Foundation Programme
  • To receive and consider reports of Visits to Trusts that are relevant to the Foundation Programmes
  • To receive reports from national postgraduate education committees and groups that are relevant to Foundation Programmes
  • To act in an advisory capacity to the Foundation Programme Forum in relation to workforce planning
  • To receive student input and trainee feedback