The Gold Guide defines a Specialty Training Committee. This is the usual (but not the only) name used for the committee which advises and manages this training in a specialty.

The roles and responsibilities include:

  • Advising Severn PGME on the siting of new posts and closure of posts where appropriate
  • Providing members for Record of In Training Assessment /Annual Review of Competence Progression (RITA/ARCP) panels and interview panels as appropriate
  • Ensuring Severn PGME and College guidelines for assessment are used
  • Develop and monitor the training programme against College curricula and Postgraduate Medical Education Training¬† standards
  • Provide information in response to requests from Severn PGME


  • Chair: The Training Programme Director will be responsible for organising and chairing the Specialty Training Committee. (This can be delegated if so wished to another member of the Specialty Training Committee example regional adviser, senior experienced member with the agreement of the Head of the appropriate School).
  • Regional College Adviser/Specialty Training Committee member
  • Training Programme Director
  • Trainee representative.
  • Representative from each training location (usually Specialty Tutor)
  • Severn PGME Representative; Speciality Manager/Associate Dean
  • Ex Officio
  • Head of School (where appropriate)
  • Speciality Manager

Dates of meetings, agendas, and copy of the minutes should be sent to Head of School.