Innovation Fund 2019/20


 The NHS is routinely recognised as world class for its innovative use of new equipment technologies and working practices which serve to improve patient care and medical education for the future clinical workforce.

Health Education England Southwest sees it as a responsibility to harness this potential and actively explores ways to adapt and adopt great practices from others. The Innovation Fund is a fundamental resource to support this activity

We invite Local Education Providers (LEPs) to submit proposals for development funds to support postgraduate medical education and training.



To apply for funding please note the following:

  • The primary applicant must hold a substantive contract and be based within the Southwest Postgraduate Medical Education footprint (ie Peninsula and Severn).
  • The proposal must be to the benefit of local trainees and/or local trainers.
  • An innovation application on behalf of multiple programmes based within a single Local Education Provider (LEP), must be endorsed by the LEP Director of Medical Education (DME).
  • An innovation application to support a single training programme, either within a single LEP or across the Peninsula and/or Severn Postgraduate Medical Education footprint, must be endorsed by the appropriate Head(s) of School.
  • The applicant must not hold a substantive contract with Health Education England.
  • An innovation application cannot be made on behalf of a Postgraduate School until all internal avenues for funding have been exhausted.  The applicant must clearly identify in their proposal that this has been carried out.
  • The application must focus and impact on training and not service delivery.


The Innovation/Project Proposal Document is available here.


For further information please contact;