Study Leave for GP trainees – General Principles

GP Trainees are referred to the national principles for study leave and local processes. In all areas, the following principles should apply:

  • GP doctors in training should discuss their progress, aspirations and intentions regularly with their Educational and Clinical Supervisors. This should entail discussions in general terms at every Educational Supervision meeting, with more detailed discussions with their CS at the start and of every placement. These discussions should be reflected in their PDP.
  • In general GP doctors in training should be meeting core curriculum requirements before considering discretionary enhancement activity. Aspirational activity is defined in the general study leave documents.
  • GP Trainees may wish to develop an interest in a particular specialty and undertake a limited amount of training to that effect, but they should ensure that this does not hinder their progress or detract from their study of the core GP Curriculum. At all times (with the sole exception of taking an exam or when so advised by a TPD), the Regional Teaching Course provided by the local School should take precedence.
  • Attendance at the School’s Regional Teaching courses and educational supervision with their GP trainer are mandatory (ref GMC Promoting Excellence standard R3.12: Doctors in training must be able to take study leave appropriate to their curriculum or training programme, to the maximum time permitted in their terms and conditions of service).
  • Trainees should apply in the way described in the local policy using the form specified in that policy


For more information please see:

Peninsula: HEE SW Study Leave Guidance

Severn: HESW GP Study Leave Guidance