Lay Representative Guide

Your role is to help ensure that the process for running a Quality Panel is adhered to.

Ensure that:

  • The number of trainee representatives on the panel exceeds other panel members
  • The panel confines discussions to posts and not the performance of individual trainees
  • The panel needs to include in its report ways in which the post can be improved
  • The panel highlight areas of good practice in the Report
  • Encourage reporting of timeframes for implementation of action plans
  • Fully understand the Quality Panel process by reading all pages of the website
  • Be an honest broker should any disagreements arise
  • Ensure that reports are sent to relevant stakeholders
  • Ensure that you are copied in to any information relating to Quality Panels
  • Raise any concerns about Quality Panel processes to the Quality Team
  • Highlight and identify any conflicts of interest and ensure that this is discussed at the beginning of the meeting.