The GMC National Training Survey

The GMC National Training Survey 2020 is now CLOSED!

If you have any questions regarding the survey please direct your queries to the SW Quality team at


The annual GMC Training Survey results form a vital evidence base to improve the quality of junior doctor placements in Severn PGME. It identifies key areas of both excellence and development – which promotes addressing and improving training satisfaction. It is one of the key tools and evidence bases to improve the quality of training for doctors in Public Health, GP Practices, Trusts and Schools.

We thank all trainees for contributing to this key mechanism to hear their voice. We take all issues raised in the survey very seriously and use results at Quality Panels, Contract visits to Trusts and on our Quality Register.

The results of the last GMC Training can be found on the GMC website.

We have consistently had a very high response rate from this national survey, having either the first or second highest response rate in the country nationally for the last seven years.

Response Rates for Severn PGME 2009-2017












Response Rate (%)











How does Severn Postgraduate Medical Education use results from the GMC Trainee and Trainer Surveys?

GMC surveys provide us with invaluable information on the quality of training provided and highlights areas of excellence as well as areas where further action is needed.

The text below sets out how the survey results are used to improve junior doctor training.

Analysis of Results

Quality creates comprehensive reports for Schools and Trusts providing detailed information relating to each Local Education Provider and programme. These reports include benchmarking against other Trusts, outlier analysis, longitudinal data and a focus on overall satisfaction as key indicator.

Dissemination and Action

  • All trainees are sent an email thanking them for their participation in the training survey.
  • GMC results are subject to formal discussion at Heads of Schools Meetings and Director of Medical Education Meetings.
  • A letter of congratulation is sent each year from the Postgraduate Dean to all Heads of School and Training Programme Directors regarding those programmes which have come first nationally in terms of the overall satisfaction indicator.
  • All GMC results and in particular negative outliers are discussed at Contract visits to Trusts which occur every year and are reinforced via interim contract meetings led by the Associate Dean for Quality. Further information can be found here.
  • Programme reports are also used at Quality Panels as an evidence source in order to improve the quality of training.