CPD is an integral component of revalidation, and SAS doctors need time in their job plans for supporting professional activity (SPA). HESW sees this as an essential step for keeping the skills of SAS doctors up to date, and believes it makes them safer and more efficient doctors.  They should be encouraged at the departmental and Trust level to participate in local and external (National & International) educational activities.

Most specialty colleges agree that a doctor needs a minimum of 50 hours of CPD per year, half of which should be external. Doctors attending the departmental/ institutional educational activities should be able to achieve 25 hours/ year easily, however, getting 25 external hours can be challenging for some SAS colleagues: and a robust personal development plan (PDP) made at the time of the annual appraisal would help achieve this.

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The Medical Royal Colleges and Faculties are the professional bodies for doctors in a certain specialty or specialty area. They also design the curricula that doctors undertake during training and conduct examinations which doctors must pass if they are to progress.