Health Education South West (HESW) realises the importance of professional and educational development for the SAS Doctors and has continued allocating SAS funding to the Trusts.  This highlights the fact that SAS Doctors also have developmental needs at par with their Consultant colleagues.  

HESW is gathering data on the SAS doctors in the region in order to organize the efficient use of this funding and more information about our local funding policy for the upcoming financial year can now be found on this website. 

Read more about the guidance issued by the BMA (Tips for SAS Tutors for the use of funding).


HESW top-slices a set amount every year for central administration and organising the annual Conference. Attendance for these courses is free for SAS doctors in the HESW region.

The majority of the funds will be devolved to the SAS tutors as in the past, and will be at their disposal to be used according to our funding policy.