Work Diary

Job planning is an agreed requirement and fundamental aspect of the new contracts for Associate Specialists and Specialty Doctors as well as an integral part of Staff Grade and pre-2008 Associate Specialist contracts. It is also an opportunity, for doctors and employers to agree upon the working schedule and thus minimize uncertainties. A good job plan should clarify your and your employer's expectations and achieve clarity on the use of time and resources to meet individual and service objectives.

We have provided links to extensive guidance and advice from the BMA. Please take time to go through these.

Maintaining a work diary is extremely useful in making/ modifying your job plan. Completing and updating it may seem like big task for those SAS doctors who have never done this previously, once you get used to the format it takes less than 5 minutes to update it daily. You may ask your colleagues to help you with this initially.

BMA Work Diary

Job planning advice by NHS Employers