Our aim is to reduce the amount of electricity used in the Deanery and to ensure energy consumed is as renewable as possible.
Since implementing the policy the Deanery has made a number of improvements such as:

  • Adjusting main heating and air conditioning units to turn off automatically at points in the day
  • Setting thermostats at a reasonable temperature to reduce wastefulness and discomfort.
  • Upgrading to more power efficient computers
  • Removing all small and inefficient printers (remaining printers have auto-sleep mode and provide recycling collection for cartridges)
  • Posting a number of reminder signs and lighting/heating maps to help staff members use less energy
  • Introducing “follow me” printing to stop accidental printing and allow for better reporting and monitoring.

Check out our performance page to see how we are doing.

Our next challenge is to make energy consumption more visible. We hope to install a meter reader with displays to demonstrate the difference we can make by “turning it off”. We also hope to improve our energy supply to ensure it includes an environmentally friendly tariff.