Our aim is to ensure that office and training resources are both manufactured in a sustainable way and are necessary for the running of the Deanery.
Since implementing the policy the Deanery has made a number of improvements such as:

  • Setting up default functions and “follow me” printing to remove unnecessary and wasteful printing, and reduce paper consumption.
  • Discontinuation of the purchase of virgin paper in favour of recycled paper
  • Employment of catering supplier with strong environmental policy
  • Discontinued the use of “millac” for meetings in favour of milk
  • Change of some cleaning products to be more environmentally friendly
  • Utilising secure send where possible as opposed to printing and sending physical documents
  • Organising stationery stores to reduce excessive ordering

To see what difference this had made, refer to our performance page
Our next aim is to challenge our suppliers to find out the carbon content of their products, and to move to electronic filing.