Our aim is to reduce and recycle as much waste generated by the Deanery as possible.

Since implementing the policy the Deanery has made a number of improvements such as:

  • Setting up and maintaining the recycling of cardboard, plastic
    bottles and cups, cans, tins, confidential paper, waste paper, toners
    and print cartridges
  • Collecting and sending used stamps to Cancer Research UK
  • Removal of all under desk bins to ensure recycling of all waste items
  • Pulping confidential paper rather than incinerating it
  • Recycling of Christmas cards to the Woodland Trust
  • WEE disposal of IT equipment.
  • Collecting and sending used print cartridges to Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Appeal

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To see how we are doing, check out our performance page

Our next challenge is to introduce composting, and to find ways to encourage visitors to recycle. If you plan to visit the Deanery, be sure to familiarise yourself with the recycling information below. Every decision to recycle makes a difference.








Tins and cans
Please wash cans and squash with the lids inside to ensure the sharp edges do not cause a hazard for the cleaners when emptying the bins.
Please put tins/cans in the Red bin.



Plastic cups and bottles

Your nearest plastics recycling point is next to the water cooler. You can recycle plastic cups, plastic bottles and clean cling film wrap.
Unfortunately we cannot recycle any other plastic containers such as yoghurt pots and these should go into the landfill waste bin.Please put recyclable plastics in the Green bin. 


Landfill waste

Only non recyclable items should be placed in the black bin. There are paper & cardboard recycling points in the office area. Cups from the Coffee Man must go in the landfill waste as they are wax lined!
All contents of this bin are sent to landfill!
Please put all landfill waste in the Black bin.



Your nearest cardboard recycling point is next to the photocopier. Please flatten all cardboard and store tidily (and consider health and safety and whether it is causing a tripping hazard).
If you have large amounts of cardboard you can take this down to the big green bin in the car park. It does not need to be bagged up. The key for the green bin is located on top of the box on the right-hand wall as you leave the building.


Confidential paper
Your nearest confidential paper recycling is located in the photocopying room. Please place all confidential paper in the Shred-It Container.

Non-confidential paper
Your nearest non-confidential paper bin is located in the office and has a blue lid. Please also recycle envelopes (You do not need to remove plastic windows) Please put all non confidential paper in the Blue bin.


Toner cartridges and old mobile phones

Your nearest printer/copier toner cartridge recycling point is at the recycling station on the top floor. Please put toner cartridges in the labelled cardboard box. These are collected and recycled for the Wallace & Gromit Grand Appeal charity.