Advancing innovation in healthcare: medicines, technology and service improvement

Category: Foundation - General

Date: October 29th 2013

Location: Central London


Westminster Health Forum Keynote Seminar

This seminar will provide a timely opportunity to consider the next steps for the innovation of medicines, technology and services in healthcare.

With the Nicholson Challenge requiring the NHS to make 4% year-on-year efficiency gains, delegates will discuss the challenges faced by NHS England and Clinical Commissioning Groups as they promote research and innovation in healthcare, and will consider the ways in which innovation can increasingly improve patient care, decrease mortality rates and contribute to a reduction in NHS expenditure.

Planned sessions will focus on how obstacles to developing new healthcare technologies and medicines can be overcome, the ways in which regulatory bodies such as NICE and the MHRA can facilitate and encourage the advancement of innovation in healthcare, and how dissemination and adoption of best practice can be encouraged throughout the health service.

Topics for discussion include:
  • Regulation: providing guidance and ensuring compliance;
  • The role of the independent sector;
  • Accelerating the development of medicines and technologies - improving outcomes and reducing costs;
  • Addressing the challenges for service delivery and engaging the workforce; and
  • Next steps for policy.

The draft agenda is available to view online here. The seminar is supported by ACSMA, and organised on the basis of strict impartiality by the Westminster Health Forum.


Miles Ayling, Director of Innovation & Service Improvement, Department of Health

Sir Cyril Chantler, UCL Partners; Peter Ellingworth, ABHI; Sam Hudson, Überology and NHS Institute of Innovation and Improvement (2006-2013); Eve Knight, AntiCoagulation Europe; Mirella Marlow, NICE; Dr Jo Roberts, South Devon and Torbay Shadow Clinical Commissioning Group; Angela Single, BT Health and 3 Million Lives Working Group; Dr Maire Smith, Training for Innovation and Stephen Whitehead, ABPI

Chaired by:

Ian Liddell-Grainger MP, Chair, All-Party Parliamentary Group on Improving Patient Access to Medical Technology and Virendra Sharma MP, Vice-Chair, All-Party Parliamentary Group on Improving Patient Access to Medical Technology and Member, Health Select Committee

Seminar supported by ACSMA

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Copies of the briefing document, including full transcripts of all speeches and the questions and comments sessions and further articles from interested parties, will be available approximately 7 days after the event for £95 plus VAT; 

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