An Introduction to Mindfulness for Trainees

Category: Training - Other

Date: September 29th 2022 9:15am until October 6th 2022 12:30pm

Location: Zoom


An Introduction to Mindfulness

For Trainees

2 x half day workshops


Thursday 29th September


Thursday 6th October


9.15am to 12.30pm


MaxCourse ID:  SW478


This training provides a clear overview of mindfulness and meditation, with easy take aways to promote your well-being.


This Mindfulness Training enables you to:

Understand what mindfulness is.
Connect to some of the main benefits of being more mindful.
Have a basic understanding of meditation.
Experience more connection and enrichment in your moments.
Tune into yourself and take care of your needs.
Be more balanced, more grounded, and less reactive at times of difficulty.
Feel centred, calm, enriched, and clear.

 A 2-part training

The training takes place over 2 half day sessions, separated by a week. This allows the integration and application of session 1 content, before we next meet. It is suitable for beginners to mindfulness and those with some experience.


This is an informative and experiential training, which will provide clarity on what mindfulness is and why it’s useful, along with many practical tools and ideas so you can be more mindful in your lives. Mindfulness supports well-being, is life-enhancing, and helps you to function effectively.

We will explore everyday ways of being more mindful in more of your moments. This brings many benefits. When we are in the present moment, we are not lost in stress-creating streams of thought. Mindfulness is about awareness, as opposed to automaticity. This increased consciousness allows you to see more clearly and make choices that serve you. We will also look at how being present enables you to be more connected to your experience, providing enrichment, rather than disconnection.

Meditation is a great way of practising presence and of becoming more acquainted with mindfulness ‘principles’. We will meditate and discuss the experience. I’ll provide tips and signposting for those who wish to meditate beyond this training. The meditation section of the training will also be useful for those who do not wish to meditate beyond the sessions, as it will provide valuable experiences and insights.

We can mindfully ‘check in’ on ourselves to heed the signals from our mind, body and feelings. This enables us to take care of our needs and be guided by our internal GPS. When we are mindful at times of difficulty, we can be grounded and balanced, and then make a wise response, rather than be in stress reactivity.

Mindfulness has transformative potential.

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