Dermoscopy for Beginners

Category: GP - Other

Date: November 21st 2013

Location: Leeds – Crowne Plaza Hotel


Dermoscopy for Beginners - £125

Who Should Attend this Course?

This course is aimed at GPs and VTS registrars primarily but would also be appropriate for specialist nurses involved in skin care. Indeed
anyone involved in examining and advising patients about their skin lesions would benefit.

It is our belief that every practice should possess a dermatoscope and have at least one doctor adequately trained to safely use it.
As an introductory course it is suitable for those with little or no previous knowledge as well as those for whom the early stages require
reinforcement and reassurance.

Speakers will be drawn from the following and will also include other PCDS Committee Members, local GPs and Dermatologists:

  • Dr Stephen Kownacki, GP, Wellingborough,
  • Dr Tim Cunliffe, GPSI, Middlesbrough,
  • Dr Stephen Hayes, GPSI, Southampton,
  • Dr Brian Malcolm, GPSI, Barnstaple,
  • Dr Jonathan Bowling, Consultant Dermatologist, Oxford

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