Document Dilemmas

Category: HEE Training - Other

Date: December 3rd 2019 10:00am until 11:00am

Location: Room 2b Bristol office


Bristol PGME office staff only - other sites will follow

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Target Audience

Everyone! You may have been trained years ago how to draft a letter, write an email etc. But, in some cases, times change, and its good to have sight of new practices. Equally you might be new to the NHS or even your first job. There may be things you have never been shown at college that you do now need to understand in a modern office. Or you may never have been shown the best way to lay out a document, or ensure a consistent professional approach to document layout and content.

This is not an opportunity to pick holes in anything anyone currently does. Far from it. It is a chance to ask questions, find out about more training you can access with me or online, and … have a giggle. It will be a fun session.


This session is designed to highlight areas you may not be aware of and, in fact, may never have been taught! Not everyone is PA/Secretary trained!

I want to run through some basics for you to be aware of, to understand from an end user perspective how your documents portray the NHS as a professional organisation. Understanding when to use certain formats, how formal or informal you should be, know your audience/recipients, and essentially save you a lot of time in the long run.

There will be a few fun exercises for us to look at to help understand what we are all doing or not doing.

You will notice there is some repetition of content listed below … that’s intentional




  • Well written vs not!
  • Formal vs informal
  • Keeping it Brief / Simple
  • Format/layout
  • Signatures – corporate image, accuracy, where to find them
  • Sense reading
  • Proofreading / Know your audience

Proofreading … I know, easy, right?

  • Looking but not seeing

Notetaking vs Minute taking

  • Keeping it Brief / Simple
  • Proofreading / Know your audience
  • Plain English
  • Formatting / Bullets and numbering

Corporate Image

  • Where to find corporate document templates
  • Logos and branding
  • So ya think you can change me eh?
  • PowerPoint presentations


  • Layout / formatting
  • Salutations
  • Orphans!

What does your website look like?

  • Look at it
  • Importance of public image
  • Formatting / saving space
  • Updating

It is not a hands on Word, PowerPoint, O365, Skype or Email training session. Me and Stine Lund run training sessions you are very welcome to join, plus any additional sessions that come about as a result of this training. If I’m not running training you need, please ask. We are more than happy to arrange a session for you and others.



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