HEE-SW Faculty Development Webinar: Civility and Inclusivity for Trainees

Category: Training - Other

Date: November 29th 2021 1:30pm until December 6th 2021 4:30pm

Location: Zoom


Civility and Inclusivity

a 2 day course for Trainees

MaxCourse ID:SW403

Monday 29 November 13:30 - 16:30


Monday 6 December 13:30 - 16:30

Day 1 will cover:

Inclusive Leadership


More than ever, leaders need to consider the boundaries, geographies and cultures we work across to make sure people are provided with an inclusive and respectful environment. It’s far more than just implementing policies and procedures. It’s about representation, tolerance and mutual support. In a world where many different genders, races, identities and sexual orientations are present, adopting an ethos of inclusive leadership has never been so important.


This intensive workshop will provide a power refresh of the fundamentals of equality and then progress into deeper levels of understanding, resulting in awareness and skills building to encourage delegates to become inclusive leaders:

  • The Equality Act 2010 legislation, discrimination, harassment and victimisation
  • Identifying equality, diversity and inclusion issues and the inclusion framework
  • Vertical and Horizontal inequalities
  • Acknowledging and managing our unconscious bias cues
  • The role and impact of inclusion 
  • Information processing - system one and system two thinking
  • Active strategies and tools for improving alignment with corporate values
  • Field Theory and Doxa (Bourdieu) 

Who should attend

This course has been designed for trainers and trainees looking to enhance their skills and awareness of inclusivity. Delegates will leave with the knowledge required to transfer learning back to the workplace, through the development of their own personal action plan.  


Day 2 will cover:

Civility and Respect at Work


The impact of civility in the workplace is vastly underestimated. Powerful levels of these interpersonal qualities can boost wellbeing, engagement and commitment to common objectives. On the other hand, incivility, lack of respect and an absence of inclusive behaviours have been proven to damage health, motivation and performance. Based on the latest behavioural science research, this development workshop will help delegates better understand ‘why’ and ‘how’ civility is such an integral element of organisational culture.


This highly engaging interactive workshop will provide delegates with an understanding of uncivil behaviour, its impact and enable new behaviour modelling that will support and sustain a civil and respectful workplace:

  • The definition of civility and behavioural indicators and characteristics
  • Predictors and triggers of incivility within health care teams
  • Targets of incivility
  • Situational influences on incivilities 
  • How to respond rather than react to incivility
  • The three modes of interacting with colleagues: proactive civility, neutrality and incivility
  • Understand the costs of incivility, as well as the rewards of civility, within the workplace
  • Learn skills in understanding and diagnosing the causes of uncivil behaviour
  • The Dominance Behavioural System

Who should attend

Anyone can benefit from enhancing their awareness of civility and respect. This workshop will be appropriate for both trainers and trainees, with an emphasis on making personal and collective agreements to boost relationships and interactions.


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