HEE-SW Faculty Development Webinar: Communication & Language Trainee Series 2021 - FULL

Category: Training - ST1-3

Date: October 21st 2021 6:00pm until 8:00pm

Location: MS Teams


HEE-SW Faculty Development Communication & Language Trainee Series 2021

for medical and dental trainees


Dates (2021):

Thu 25 Feb 2-4pm: Building Rapport

Thu 22 Apr 2-4pm: Dealing with ‘Difficult’ People

Thu 20 May 6-8pm: Non-verbal communication & colloquial English language

Thu 9 Sep 2-4pm: Assertiveness Skills

Thu 21 Oct 6-8pm: Effective Listening Skills & Active Listening

Thu 9 Dec 2-4pm: Presentation Skills

Delivered over MS Teams – please ensure you have the latest version installed on your desktop or smartphone!

We will soon be taking bookings for this course using our new system. Please check back for updates, and email FacultyDevelopment.SW@hee.nhs.uk with any questions.


About the courses

Building Rapport Focuses on strategies for building trust in a new acquaintance, colleague or patient, and overcoming barriers to effective communication.

Dealing with ‘difficult’ people Offers a range of strategies for dealing with people who tend to obfuscate attempts to hold a productive conversation, through their behaviour and their choice of language.

Non-verbal Communication and Colloquial English Language This can sometimes cause confusion and make it difficult to understand for certain how someone is really feeling about a situation. In addition, the use of non-standard colloquial terms can lead to a breakdown in communication. This session will attempt to shed some light on body language interpretation, including facial expressions and tone of voice/pace of speech, exploring at the same time some of the more colloquial expressions heard around the UK, including idiomatic and figurative speech.

Assertiveness Skills Provides an overview of the concept of assertiveness and explores some of the tools and techniques used in everyday situations. It will also help in dealing with difficult situations, such as saying ‘no’ to requests, being ‘put on the spot’ and dealing with criticism.

Effective Listening Skills and Active Listening Considers the difference between hearing and active listening. We will consider how active listening can make conversations more productive and improve the use of the time available for face to face communications.

Presentation Skills Considers a range of factors that impact on performance during presentations. These will include time management, articulation and enunciation, voice production and projection, and overcoming performance anxiety