How to get into Radiology

Category: Foundation - Other

Date: November 8th 2013

Location: Liverpool Medical Institute L3 5SR

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This course is aimed at Doctors who would like to do radiology, and are thinking of applying for a place on a radiology scheme. It is aimed not only at those applying in the next year but also for those who are preparing for application in the next couple of years. It in no way guarantees success  - but it should certainly help improve your chances in the process to get onto your desired scheme. We envisage it will be an excellent way for foundation or other junior doctors to decide whether Radiology may be for them!

Some highlights in the course:

Career pathway of a Radiologist - Why do Radiology?

Dos and don'ts of applying to Radiology - What you need to know

Current hot and controversial topics in Radiology

Interview process

Individual tailored advice on how to improve your portfolio and CV prior to applying

Examples of plain films, CT and MRI 

You will meet registrars who have recently gone through the application and interview process. The Mersey Radiology Programme Director and Head of School will both be lecturing. 

Attendees will be given a 'Radiology Preparation Course' certificate for their portfolio and to count as a 'Radiology' course on their ST application forms. The Course fee is £100 including lunch. A registration form can be found on the website.

Course details and all feedback comments from previous courses can be found at

For any queries please contact us on Mersey Radiology or J Scott