Lean Thinking for Educational and Clinical Supervisors

Category: Educational/Clinical Supervisors - Established Trainers Courses

Date: September 19th 2023 1:00pm until September 29th 2023 5:00pm

Location: Zoom


MaxCourse ID: SW671


Two x Half-Day Workshops:

Tuesday 19th September 2023 & Friday 29th September 2023, 1pm to 5pm both days

Introduction to LEAN Thinking: There is a popular misconception that LEAN is appropriate only for manufacturing and production-oriented enterprises. This is a false belief that it doesn’t have a natural home in service industries or, particularly, in healthcare settings. LEAN, when properly explained and introduced into any organisation, enables a way of thinking and acting that is focused on maximising value to the ultimate end user (in the case of healthcare, the patient) whilst minimising wasteful practices in doing so. A lean organisation understands that end-user value proposition and focuses its key processes to continuously improve it. Lean is about establishing what is valuable for the patient and then optimising all value creating processes by cutting out waste and smoothing out unevenness in processes so that the service flows smoothly. All achieved through some very simple and very effective changes to the way things are done within the environment in which staff and patients interact. To busy Doctors this can equate to saved time.

This programme has been designed to so that participants will be able to:

  • Know how think ‘effective’ with your time, priorities, resources and commit to personal and organisational effectiveness
  • Recognise how to prioritise around the most important things
  • Maximise value to your ultimate customers and reduce human-led risk to a minimum
  • To make a total commitment to personal and organisational continuous improvement
  • Maximise individual and collective potential to achieve upgraded results
  • Know how past experiences and our unique personalities have an impact on performance and risk

The Lean Thinking Programme is delivered over two half-day sessions, with a total contact time of approx. eight hours. It will be delivered by virtual facilitator-led learning, with input from the facilitator, time for personal reflection, and virtual break out groups so you can discuss the practical application with fellow Doctors. We will also watch videos to deepen our learning experience.

Following on from this course we also have Influencing and Engaging for Change

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