Motivational Interviewing for Doctors in Training

Category: Training - Other

Date: January 9th 2023 9:00am until January 30th 2023 4:00pm

Location: Zoom


MaxCourse ID:  SW550

How do you motivate your patients to change?

Do you get frustrated when your patients don’t seem to take your advice?

Would you like to be able to work differently with some people?

You may want to consider attending this 2- day online workshop which will introduce you to Motivational Interviewing (MI), an evidence based behaviour therapy that supports people to change, even in those who seem resistant. MI involves conversations about change, with particular considerations as to how to have more effective conversations about it, particularly in contexts where one person is being a helping professional for another.

Using a person-centred, compassionate & directive method of communication MI helps us to find a constructive way through some of the challenges that arise when someone is trying to support someone else’s motivation to change. All too often such discussions end up being less than helpful, with very well intentioned practitioners trying to help another’s change using information and persuasion, to at times, no avail, only succeeding to break down the helping relationship and potentially making patients more resistant to change.

MI helps people to talk themselves into changing by using an approach that is skilful, directional and compassionate. MI aims instead to elicit from people their own thoughts ideas and motivation for making change. It does so by cultivating a safe, respectful and collaborative environment within which client receptivity and readiness for change can be explored and increased.

This 2-day workshop on Zoom will help clinicians to experience first-hand the practice of MI, using discussion, demonstration, practice and feedback.

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