POSTPONED Motivational Interviewing Training (2-day event)

Category: Educational/Clinical Supervisors - Established Trainers Courses

Date: September 7th 2020 10:00am until September 8th 2020 5:00pm

Location: First Floor, Park House, 1200 Bristol Parkway North, Newbrick Road, Bristol (9a, 9b & 9c) BS34 8YU

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You will need to have attended How to Support Trainees and Skilfully Supporting Colleagues before attending this event.


What is Motivational Interviewing?

Motivational Interviewing (MI) emerged from the field of addictions treatment in the 1980’s.  Its focus over the past decades has broadened to change in general, and MI has been applied to many settings including healthcare, and education where it has been successfully used within brief clinical interventions.  Adaptations of motivational interviewing are generally more effective in changing single behaviours than no or minimal interventions, and they are usually as effective as more intensive alternatives.  Rollnick, S. et al, BMJ 2005; 331; 961-963.  Motivational Interviewing works by activating a person’s own motivation for change and treatment adherence. 



The aim of this experiential workshop is to build upon previous skills and knowledge to enable participants to increase their competency at supporting people they work with to change their behaviour.  This training will support both change in skilfully supporting trainees and colleagues as well as other any other behaviour change that participants might be involved with  supporting.


This two day workshop provides an excellent way to gain proficiency in the method.  It is a natural extension of the Skilfully Supporting Trainees and Colleagues workshop.  You will need to attend both days.


To book a place please email Faculty Development. When emailing please confirm the event title and the date you are interested in attending, along with your GMC/GDC number.