Natural Public Speaking - FULL

Category: Educational/Clinical Supervisors - Established Trainers Courses

Date: November 22nd 2012 9:30am until 5:00pm

Location: Engineers House, Clifton, Bristol BS8 3NB

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The course is suitable for;

  • people who want to get better at public speaking
  • people who are fed up with stage fright
  • People who want to connect more with the audience


We often put huge pressures on ourselves when we do public speaking.

Wouldn't it be good if being the centre of attention was simpler, straightforward and more natural?

This course helps you to re-think public speaking and to explore the fundamental skills we need to speak in front of an audience with ease. Learn these simple skills and you can change your relationship with audiences.

The course is experiential, supportive and more fun that it sounds.


Its a course that is hard to outline fully as there are number of small steps that make more sense when you are there!

But here is the main structure

  • What gets in the way when we speak publicly?
  • Why we use the wrong skills when we speak
  • The new skills. Exploring the new skills.

What you don't need to do

  • Is to prepare any speeches or presentations.

Course tutor: John Dawson

Having run over 300 of these workshops since 2000 for people at all levels of speaking experience.