Resilience Masterclass for Trainees

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Date: February 1st 2023 2:00pm until 3:00pm

Location: Zoom


Resilience Masterclass

For Trainees


TOPIC: The compelling nature of a personal vision and mission


Wednesday 1st February 2023

2pm to 3pm

MaxCourse ID: SW286

An innovative approach to building staff resilience and in turn organisational resilience – any team, organisation or community can only be as resilient as the people within it.

What is resilience?

The ability, in the face of difficulty, to retain flexible cognitive, behavioural and emotional responses Neenan and Dryden 2002.

In addition, it is the ability to mitigate the effects of excessive pressure & stress, bounce back, roll with the punches and deal with challenging situations in a positive and creative way. Resilient people turn challenge into opportunity and have the ability to be able to continually function physically, emotionally and psychologically to a very high standard. They are prepared for the next challenge or unpredictable event that comes along.

Resilient people move in life from dependence to independence and then interdependence and this series of masterclasses will support you on your personal resilience journey to true interdependence.


In today’s complex, fast paced, rapidly changing world, we all need skills to negotiate uncertain and even risky situations, and resilience to cope with pressure.

We can’t always control what happens to us, what we are exposed to, or the stress and pressure that is thrust upon us, but exciting research tells us we can learn to be resilient and develop life-skills that can make a massive difference to wellbeing, peace of mind and the true success we achieve in life.

Resilient people have lower levels of depression, develop personally as a result of a set-back, have such inner strength they can bounce back from adversity and can make sound, well thought through decisions and act with responsibility in a committed way.

Bernard Genge’s series of 12 masterclasses will have a similar format with 30 minutes input from the tutor, 15 minutes discussion in breakout group then time at the end to bring the whole masterclass to an action-orientated conclusion. The masterclasses will be full of practical insights, inspiration and proven strategies to build your personal resilience based on modelling of successfully resilient people and latest neuro-science research.

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