Influencing & Engaging for Change for Specialty Trainees

Category: Training - Other

Date: March 21st 2023 1:00pm until March 28th 2023 4:00pm

Location: Zoom


MaxCourse ID: SW301


 Two x Half-Day Workshops

Tuesday 21st March 2023


Tuesday 28th March 2023

Either a stand-alone programme or optional to support the Lean Thinking programme that covers practical tools and techniques for change.

Influencing skills are essential in today’s dynamic NHS workplace that is constantly evolving and changing. Success and outcomes can only be achieved through, with and from others. Being able to influence without formal authority is an essential skill, and we cannot do this without confidence, commitment and the communication skills to fully express ourselves and engage our colleagues so they willingly work with us to make positive changes. As leaders our roles require that we draw on who we are, as well as what we do to inspire and engage our people.

On this 6-hour programme delivered over 2 sessions we will learn how to offer others the invitation to change (behaviour, attitudes, thoughts and beliefs) and embrace new ways in a committed way.

This programme has been designed to so that participants will be able to:

  • Influence upwards, downwards and sideways in such a way influencing becomes enjoyable rather than a challenge
  • Gain respect from others by your influential communication style
  • Use power effectively and practice egoless leadership and management
  • Know when to be directive with their communication, how to use questions to create intrigue and interest with their stakeholder and when to be the ‘guide by the side’
  • Know themselves and other people through their ‘personality energy’ to be adaptable in your style of influencing

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