Coaching Tools for a Compassionate Culture - Compassionate Leadership

Category: Educational/Clinical Supervisors - Established Trainers Courses

Date: February 2nd 2023 9:00am until 1:00pm

Location: Via ZOOM


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Delivered over Zoom – please ensure you have the latest version installed on your desktop or smartphone! 

 Speaker: Dr Nicola Harker 


Nicola Harker is a medical doctor (GP) of 20 years, teacher of mindful self-compassion, and empowerment coach. She offers a practical and clinically proven approach; helping them to feel safe and take courageous action to get back to their true selves. She helps people to manage powerful emotions and value their unique qualities to reconnect with their purpose. 

The human impact of being a Consultant in the NHS and managing emotions in the workplace: 

The challenge of leadership is to be able to hold the tensions of duality – the paradoxes and absurdities – without being paralysed by them. When you become a leader, you don’t stop feeling fear and shame, in fact the challenge is to be able to handle the discomfort, the uncertainty, to be able to guide and support your teams and make decisions, despite all you are feeling inside. The pandemic has highlighted the importance of managing your internal landscape and protecting yourself from trauma. 

How do you show up courageously and lead in the midst of this turmoil? 

How can you learn to take care of yourself and manage your boundaries? 


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