Podmedics - The HouseOfficer Course - ONLINE

Category: Foundation - Other

Date: July 17th 2013


The main focus of this day-long course will be to teach you all the practical things that medical school and finals did not cover about being a junior doctor on the wards.

At Podmedics we take pride in being great at explaining stuff in a simple and memorable way. Starting work as an F1 is really stressful (have you seen Junior Doctors!?). We want to ease that pain.

The course will be delivered by Dr Ed Wallitt, founder of Podmedics, and Dr Rob Greenhalgh, an F1 at the end of his first year.

We shall be covering:

  • Surviving your first week
  • Core organisational skills (e.g. writing in notes, patient lists)
  • Common ward calls (what you actually do)
  • Prescribing (including the common drugs and dosages you need to know)
  • Using technology to help (will also include copies and a practical demo of our new iPhone apps for F1 - Houseofficer and Induction)
  • Hospital communication skills (getting scans, making referrals etc)

All events can be accessed online and tickets are selling fast so please sign up as numbers are limited. ONLY £30, or £20 for online course! Registration is limited so do consider signing up NOW! 

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