Skilfully Supporting Trainees

Category: Educational/Clinical Supervisors - Established Trainers Courses

Date: October 19th 2016 9:00am until 4:15pm

Location: Post Graduate Medical Education, Redwood Education Centre, Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, Great Western Road, Gloucester GL1 3NN

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To develop advanced skills for supporting trainees with significant personal or professional challenges or who are presenting problematic behaviours



  1. Identify and explore the challenges of supporting and managing trainees with specific needs and problematic behaviours particularly those referred at Level 2
  2. Consider factors that might impact on work performance and learning
  3. Learn a range of skills for working in a non directive way drawn from the principles and practice of motivational interviewing
  4. Explore ways of dealing with resistance to personal change and how to help trainees positively address their own difficulties
  5. Review when and how to move from supportive actions to more direct interventions


Programme for the day:

09.00    COURSE START  Introductions – individuals and group   discussions

09.30    Good conversations - discussion and review

10.10    Introduction to OARS - open questions, affirmations and summarising

10.45    COFFEE

11.00    Reflecting - types and examples

11.30    OARS Skills practices - in groups with players

12.15    Contracting - Discussion about setting expectations and boundaries, and ethics

12.30    LUNCH

13.00    Overview of advanced skills

13.15    Advanced Skills practice 1

14.00    Advanced Skills Practice 2

14.45    TEA

15.00    Advanced Skills practice 3

15.45    Review of practices and concluding comments

16.15   CLOSE



To book a place on this workshop please contact the Severn Education Team, when emailing please include the event title and date.