Support your Trainee to Improve Self Care, Manage Stress and Enhancing Resilience for ES/CS/SAS

Category: Educational/Clinical Supervisors - Established Trainers Courses

Date: January 24th 2023 9:20am until 3:30pm

Location: Zoom


Support your Trainee to Improve Self Care, Manage Stress and Enhancing Resilience

For Educational/Clinical Supervisors and SAS


Tuesday 24th January 2023

09:20 - 15:30


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Virtual Interactive workshop on Zoom 



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Become better equipped to support your trainees develop effective self-care strategies to improve their wellbeing and maintain high levels of resilience.


We recognise from the GMC review (caring for doctors caring for patients) that there are considerable challenges faced by all doctors working within the NHS, with 1 in 3 doctors suffering work related stress and 1 in 4 trainees experiencing burnout.


The session will be facilitated by one of our experienced clinicians from DoctorsTraining. We are a collaboration of doctors with a wealth of experience at a local, regional and national level in postgraduate medical education, coaching, appraisal, well-being and medical leadership. As a group we are passionate about the support and development of doctors by doctors. 


The workshops have been designed and are delivered by our faculty of clinicians who are experts in their field and inspirational trainers. We have the unique balance allowing us to share many years of real experience along with the latest updates and changes in training from our core team occupying key leadership roles in medical educations.


You can meet our faculty at -


The workshop will focus on:


* Time and space to reflect on recent challenges

* Effects of Health, Illness, Stress and Fatigue on Work

* Learn to manage energy not time

* Explore work life balance and develop positive intelligence

* Strategies for self-care and enhancing our resilience and that of others

* Creating a supportive culture in the workplace

* Recognising & Supporting colleagues in difficulty


At the end of the course we hope you as trainers have increased confidence recognising and supporting trainees who are struggling along with an understanding the escalation processes and support available.