'An amazing course that gave me great insight into what leadership in the NHS really means. The high quality and detail of the feedback to both us as a group and individually was hugely impressive, and helped make it the most brilliant learning experience.'

Bob Klaber, Paediatric SpR + Fellow in Management and Leadership in Education, Whittington NHS Trust + London Specialty School of Paediatrics

„There is no doubt that the Power, Politics and Persuasion course has improved my team-working and leadership skills and it was great fun. I've learnt a huge amount about the workings of the NHS, and commissioning in particular. I have learnt about myself and the way I relate to other people when working in a team. And through the role play, I have practised negotiation, media relations and decision-making in a high pressure environment.‟

Robert Elias, SpR Renal Medicine, St George's Hospital, London

I feel like I have a month's worth of teaching in just 2 days….The best training course I think I have ever had the pleasure of attending…The most useful and enlightening management course I have ever been on‟

Tom Burchell, SpR Cardiology, The London Chest.

"A truly interactive course that is of the highest quality and exceptionally well run. I should imagine that everyone learnt something about themselves, the team around them and the entire system they work in‟

Colin Bicknell, Imperial College, Vascular Surgery

Despite working in a commissioning PCT, the explanation of NHS organisation and commissioning was fantastic. The second day was a very fun way of exploring our own styles of working under pressure – I was quite surprised by my own reaction and ways of working, and have learnt a great deal about myself.

Dr Nemonique Sam, GP & Clinical Lead High Quality Care, NHS Hammersmith & Fulham

Gained invaluable insight into the complexity of the individual, the healthcare teams and the political system. Impressively fast-paced and interactive introduction to how doctors can influence the political landscape to improve patient care.

Priya Agrawal,ST3/ACF Obstetrics and Gynaecology, St Mary's Hospital