Advanced Training in Major Trauma

Sub-Specialty Training Posts Advanced Training 10

Recruitment Timetable

Apply from 13 April 2018
Closing date 21 May 2018
Interview dates 20 June 2018.

On behalf of the JCST, Health Education England is co-ordinating recruitment to Advanced Training in Major Trauma.  We will be recruiting to 5 posts commencing 22nd July 2019, and 5 posts commencing 22nd July 2020.  The fellowships will be 12 months in length and will follow one of the two pathways:

The Resuscitative Pathway

The resuscitative pathway, which will be most suitable to general and vascular surgeons, will enhance those technical skills required to save life in the early stages of the major trauma patients hospital management.

The Major Trauma Leader Pathway

The major trauma leader pathway will be designed to develop the major trauma leader role, providing leadership in the care of the major trauma patient from the trauma room through to transfer to rehabilitation. This would be suitable for any surgeon or physician wanting to develop their major trauma leadership skills.

There will be some cross over between the two pathways which will be encouraged, as long as the primary objectives of the two defined roles continue to be met.Please refer to the resources tab for full information to assist with your application and for information about the training locations.  If you require assistance with your application please email or telephone the candidate support line on 01454 252610.

The Major Trauma Fellowships can be undertaken in any of the centres listed below:

  • Nottingham: Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Sheffield: Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
  • London: Royal London Hospitals
  • Leeds: Leeds Teaching Hospitals
  • Birmingham: University Hospitals Birmingham, Birmingham Children's Hospital, Heart of England NHSFT

Further details of the training placements are available on the JCST website.

  • Who do I contact for further details regarding the fellowships?

    For further details regarding the recruitment process and how the fellowships are allocated please contact Health Education England (Severn Postgraduate Medical Education) -


    For further details regarding the fellowships please contact the the JCST.


    For specific questions regarding training in a particular centre please refer to the job description and any contacts included within it

  • Who do I contact if I have a question regarding my application or the application process?

    Health Education England (Severn Postgraduate Medical Education) supports applicants with any questions regarding the application process including problems completing or submitting an application.

    Telephone Hotline: 01454 252610 (available 8.30 am until 4.30 pm Monday-Friday)

    Email: (reply within 24 hours)

  • How do I check if I am eligible to apply for the fellowship posts?

    There is a person specification for the fellowship that states the eligibility criteria required.  This document can be viewed under the resources section.

    It is important that you include all relevant information to ensure your application is not filtered from the process during the longlisting checks.

  • When will the posts start?

    The posts are for a period of 12 months starting on the 22nd of July 2019 and the 22nd of July 2020 or nearest working day.

  • How will I indicate the location I would like to undertake the fellowship?

    Candidates will have the facility to indicate the training locations they would like to consider. We will provide candidates with a list of the training centres available with a request to rank them in order of preference.  

    We recommend candidates rank as many options as possible to increase the opportunity of receiving an offer.

    Following the interviews suitable candidates will be matched to training placements based on their rank at interview.

  • My CCT date is during the fellowship will it need to be deferred?

    It is a mandatory requirement for trainees to defer their CCT date if it falls within the period of the fellowship. It is important to agree this with your Training Programme Director prior to applying as trainees cannot take up a post without this agreement. The six months period of grace cannot be used within the period of the fellowship.

    Confirmation from your training programme director will be requested as part of the statement of support and this will be required at interview.

    If a CCT date is after the fellowship has been completed their is no requirement for the CCT date to be deferred.

  • Will I retain my NTN?

    Trainees will retain their current Training Number and their current training provider will remain responsible for undertaking the annual ARCP process.

  • Can I count this time towards my training?

    To enable the training in this post to be accredited a minimum of twelve months must be undertaken. The SAC in the parent specialty will also review assessments upon completion of the fellowship.

  • Can I apply if I am not currently in a specialty training post?

    The fellowships are specifically designed to build on training delivered as part of a specialty training programme and due to this the fellowships are only open to trainees that hold a national training number or equivalent if based with the EEA.


  • How do I apply for Out of Programme Experience (OOPT)?

    You will need to contact your current Health Education training provider to seek approval. This is carried out by the completion of an OOPT Form, which is usually available on your region's Health Education website.

    This allows your local Health Education Office and the Royal College to track your training.  The posts do not have GMC approval and this will need to be applied for as part of the OOPT process.

  • Will I need GMC approval to cover this period of training?

    Yes. You will need to apply for GMC approval to cover this training once you have accepted the post.