Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

National Recruitment ST1 up to 10

Recruitment Timetable

Specialty recruitment to ophthalmology will follow a pre-set timetable that is outlined below. For further details of the recruitment process please refer to the applicant guide. 

Recruitment Cycle 

Action Date 

Additional Information 

Advertisement Appears 

25 October 2023

Full details will be published within Oriel and on the national recruitment website 

Applications Open 

26 October 2023

National application form available for completion within Oriel.  To access Oriel click the 'apply now' button at the top of the page

Applications Close 

23 November 2023

Applications can be submitted until 4:00 pm. Late applications will not be accepted. 

Documentation upload window 

9 - 16 January 2024 

Upload evidence folder to document upload portal  

Candidates invited to book an interview slot  

9 January 2024 

A message will be sent via Oriel inviting candidates to book a slot. A text message will also be sent. 


6 February 2024

Interviews will be on-line and candidates will not need to attend in person

Preferences open 

To be confirmed

Candidates can select training locations within Oriel from 10:00 am. 

Offers no later than 

To be confirmed 

 Offers will be made via the Oriel System.