Registration to Postgraduate Training in your Specialty

Plus Related Forms to be Downloaded, Signed and Returned

Every trainee within Severn Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME) is required to complete ‘Form R: Registering for Postgraduate Specialty Training’, annually. Without a completed Form R the PGME cannot register you on the Postgraduate Dean’s Database or with your relevant College. You cannot be issued with your National Training Number (NTN issued to run-through trainees only) or PGME Reference Number (DRN issued to Core trainees only). It is also a key document in the Revalidation process for doctors in training.

For Revalidation purposes, you will need to provide us with a copy of the following:

  • If your most recent job was a training post: latest ARCP Outcome form
  • If you have held any non-training medical posts: copies of appraisal summary/evidence and the name/contact details of your Responsible Officer
  • If you have not undertaken an appraisal or do not have an ARCP Outcome Form: Name/contact details of your previous Responsible Officer
  • If your last post was outside the UK: Evidence to confirm this and any evidence of any appraisal or performance review

Once the PGME has received a trainee’s Form R and any documents required for the purpose of revalidation, these documents must be forwarded to the relevant College to complete the registration process. The PGME will send you a copy of your completed Form R.

Please download Form R and the Conditions of Joining and return both documents completed and signed, together with a passport sized colour photograph (signed and dated on the back), to the appropriate address below, once you have been allocated to a programme:

Form R

Conditions of Joining a Specialty Training Programme

Please sign and return relevant forms either by email or post to the relevant programme management team.

Registering for Postgraduate Training


Registering for GP Training